Anti-skid chains

Anti-skid chains

  • Production of any sizes!
  • Snow chains for trucks and machinery;
  • Robust design with a special lock;
  • Durable industrial grade chain;
  • 3 month warranty
  • Manufacturer: LTD LOAD-TECH, Ukraine Украина

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To place an order you need to tell us the type of equipment, the size and type of wheels (paired / unpaired), the number of chains.

New anti-skid chains of own production from LTD LOAD-TECH are used as additional protection when driving on impassable sections of the road. Snow chains or chains on wheels are suitable for use on buses, trucks, tractors, combines, loaders, and special equipment.

Snow chains increase the adhesion of the wheels of the car to the surface, thereby greatly facilitating off-road patency. The product is put on a wheel and fixed with a special lock. It is used, as a rule, when driving off-road (snow, ice, swamp, etc.). Using these snow chains, you can also ensure driving safety in extreme road conditions and minimize the likelihood of accidents.

The company LOAD-TECH LTD produces snow chains for the following modes of transport:

Tractors and agricultural machinery;
Special equipment (timber trucks, cranes, dumpers, graders, combines).

Benefits of Using Snow Chains

Reduced braking distance
Protect tires from damage and wear;
Facilitate driving in extreme conditions (when driving on dirt roads, snowy notes);
Provide comfort when driving in difficult places and reduce the likelihood of getting into accidents;
Reduce the load on the transmission and suspension;
Simplicity in operation;

Standard markings of snow chains are presented in the table below.


8.25.R20 (240R508) paired

ЗИЛ-130, КамАЗ

9.00R20 (260R508) paired


12.00R20 (320R508) paired


12.00R20 (320R508) unpaired


12.00R18 (320R457) unpaired


1220/400-533 unpaired

МАЗ 642505   

16.00R20 unpaired


1300/530/533 unpaired


445/65R22,5 unpaired


14.00R20 unpaired


525/70R21 unpaired

MAN TGS 33.440

315/80R22,5  paired

Terms of Use

Snow chains must be used for a particular type of transport, type of tires and the conditions in which they will be used;
The product is used before the vehicle drives off-road;
Chains must grip the wheel tightly;
Dress chains on drive wheels;
To avoid damage to the road surface, remove the product after leaving the problem area.