Safety device PROTEKT CR 240

Safety device PROTEKT CR 240

  • Safety device PROTEKT CR 240 with a steel cable;
  • Case material: shockproof plastic;
  • Mechanism material: galvanized steel;
  • Carabiner device: steel / aluminum (opening 24 mm);
  • Cable Length: 6m; 10m; 12m; 15m (d 4.0mm);
  • Max. user weight: 140 kg (including equipment);
  • Weight: 4.1 kg; 4.3 kg; 4.9 kg; 5.1 kg;
  • Conforms to the standard: EN 360;
  • Manufacturer: Poland Польша

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8 658,30 грн.

The mechanical device PROTEKT CR 240 is used for fall protection during high-altitude work in difficult conditions, in the open air, in confined spaces: hatches, tanks, wells, as well as during welding, work with aggressive substances. During operation of the device, the cable stretches and retracts smoothly in the direction of the employee’s movement, and at the slightest sign of a fall, the cable blocking mechanism is automatically blocked, thereby stopping the fall (the braking distance does not exceed 0.5 m).

The rotary articulated anchor integrated in the housing eliminates cable twisting during operation. Light weight makes it easy to carry the device to the workplace. Additionally, a stall indicator is installed on the carabiner. In order to reduce the shock load on the human body, the mechanism of the device is equipped with a dynamic component that acts as an energy absorber at the time of the fall. The main difference between the safety devices of the CR240 series is a lightweight composite case equipped with a lateral cable exit, which ensures smooth operation of the cable and reduces its wear.

The permissible period for using the device is not limited, provided that timely periodic inspections are carried out (1 time per year).

Available cable length:

6 m (4.1 kg);
10 m (4.3 kg);
12 m (4.9 kg);
15 m (5.1 kg).