Endless round wire rope slings black

Endless round wire rope slings black

  • Endless round wire rope slings black (Spanset)
  • Material: steel rope (cable) in a PVC sleeve;
  • Safety factor: 6: 1;
  • Application temperature range: from -40 to +200 ° С;
  • Standard: EN 13414-1: 2014;
  • Warranty: 3 months.
  • Manufacturer: LTD LOAD-TECH, Ukraine Украина


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263,85 грн.

Endless round wire rope slings black (Spanset) are an excellent choice for solving problems of lifting and moving delicate loads. Thanks to soft materials (galvanized wire rope with a diameter of 2.0 mm) in a protective black sleeve (width 50 mm), which make up the design of an annular circular sling, the probability of damage to the surface of the load is minimal. In addition, working with them is easy, pleasant and safe. The soft sling in the black case is compact, easy to operate, and the inconspicuous black color of the sling is ideal for mounting scenes, hanging professional stage equipment and shells. For example, when installing light and sound systems, smoke machines and machines for soap bubbles, projectors, equipment for movie studios, stage farms and other elements of show technology. Also, this sling is quite fireproof due to the metal core. The sling cover has a special hole to check the condition of the core.


inconspicuous black color;
Velcro hole for checking the condition of the core;
fire resistance (up to 200 ° C);
low dead weight;
safety (do not injure the slinger due to the low weight and the absence of sharp burrs and protruding wires as in rope slings);
compactness, flexibility, elasticity (easy to fold, occupying a minimum volume, and most importantly, also easily take their original form after unpacking);
fragile and delicate goods do not damage;
smooth out small dynamic vibrations;
longer service life in comparison with textile slings;

the cover is easily damaged by the sharp edges of the load;
внимание attention! The basic rules for working with cable round-strand slings:

Before using the sling, check the maximum passport lifting capacity of the sling with the actual mass of the load;
Use slings strictly in accordance with their carrying capacity;
Do not use slings with damage or defects;
Do not use slings at ambient temperatures below -40 and above +200 ° C;
Slings should be stored in a dry and clean condition away from a source of high temperature and direct sunlight;
If acid or alkali enters the line, check the line with the manufacturer.
Designation of a sling: Sling ERWSB  A / B

Where A is the lifting capacity of the sling in tons; B is the length of the sling in millimeters.

Example: Sling ERWSB black 2.0 / 4000 -1pcs. (Endless round wire rope slings black with a loading capacity of 2.0 tons, a length of 4 meters in the amount of 1 pc.)

Эскиз СТКК


Maximum lifting capacity, t

Normal liftingSelf-tightening 


U-shaped lift


0°< β ≤ 45°

45°< β ≤ 60°

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