Repair kit for hook SL-13

Repair kit for hook SL-13

  • Repair kit for hook (latch) G80 8 strength class;
  • Suitable for hook SL-13;
  • Hook size: 6-8 - 16-8;
  • Manufacturer: China Китай

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23,79 грн.

Repair kit for hook (latch) G80 - SL-13.

With intensive use of slings, the latch may fail over time. In order to protect the slings from culling and extend their service life, you can now simply purchase a repair kit. Also, it is worth noting that the cost of a repair kit for a hook is much lower than the hook itself, which also allows you to save. Repair of pull hooks is very simple and can be done even in “field” conditions.


latch - safety lock;