Oval carabiner Oval-S

Oval carabiner Oval-S

  • Oval carabiner with screw coupling Oval-S;
  • Material of manufacture: steel;
  • Breaking load: 25 kH;
  • Coupling Type: Screw;
  • Carabiner opening width: 18 mm;
  • Conforms to the EN 362 standard;
  • Warranty period: 12 months;
  • Weight: 160g;
  • Manufacturer: Taiwan Тайвань

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139,65 грн.

Steel carabiners with a threaded sleeve are usually used in industrial mountaineering and during rescue operations. Suitable for use as a carbine for the trigger device, the connecting link, for working with blocks. It is convenient if it is necessary to open it several times during the day, as the carbine is very easy to operate, and the screw coupling guarantees high reliability.

The coupling opens by pressing it at the connection point, then it can be locked manually under the weight of the device. The use of steel carabiners is recommended with a closed coupling along the axis, under such conditions the carabiner provides the highest strength. An open clutch and a load along the other direction significantly reduces its strength.

It is possible to attach one personal protective equipment for one person.