A cable socks or mounting stocking is designed to hold and pull a cable, rope, hose or any other cylindrical object. The stocking is made of durable galvanized steel rope, by special weaving in a sleeve. The design of the stocking allows you to gently, but at the same time very firmly grab the cable without damaging its surface. The principle of operation of the gripper - when a longitudinal pulling force is applied, the stocking is stretched, decreasing in diameter and reliably fixing the cable in the stocking.

The main types of cable stockings:

End cable stocking. Designed to capture the end of the cable when pulling or hanging;
Cable stocking through. Designed to capture the cable at an intermediate point when pulling or hanging. There are two types of one-and two-loop;
Stocking cable for overhead power lines. It has special tips at the end that form a cone. Due to this, the passage of the cable at the bends is facilitated;
Connecting cable stocking. It is used to connect the two ends of the cable or rope.