Lifting webbing slings

One of the most modern types of slings are webbing slings. They are made from a special load-lifting polyester tape with a width of 30 mm to 300 mm, color-coded according to CE standards. Textile slings, at present, are gaining popularity at a tremendous pace, crowding out wherever possible, the usual wire rope slings. The reason for this is a number of undeniable advantages, such as very low dead weight, flexibility, compactness and ease of transportation. But the most important advantage of textile slings is that they do not damage fragile loads, as well as loads with soft edges and carefully prepared surfaces. More delicate, practical and lightweight lifting devices simply do not exist.

LTD «LOAD-TECH» offers to buy textile slings in Odessa, Kiev and Kharkov. We have in our possession a fairly wide range of textile tape slings, which allows us to solve most of the problems of lifting and moving goods.

Textile webbing slings are made in accordance with ДСТУ EN 1492-1: 2016 and  accompanied by a passport and tag of an established form.