Lifting slings

Lifting slings are devices designed to lift goods. Structurally, slings can be duplex, endless , or multi-legs (usually from the 1 to 4 legs).

Also, slings are classified based on the material from which they are made. Currently, four main types of lifting slings are widespread:

Wire rope slings (СКП, СКК, 1СК, 2СК, 3СК, 4СК, ВК);
Chain slings (1СЦ, 2СЦ, 3СЦ, 4СЦ, СЦ2ВЗ, УСЦ);
Webbing slings (СТП, СТК, 1СТ, 2СТ, 3СТ, 4СТ);
Round slings (СТКК, СТКП);


The existing variety of types and designs of slings for lifting loads, makes it possible for the consumer of lifting equipment, to choose exactly the type of devices for a specific type of work that will ensure that the task is carried out as efficiently and safely as possible.

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