Pole climbers LM-3

Pole climbers LM-3

  • Set of pole climbers (claws) for lifting onto reinforced concrete supports;
  • Carbide spikes;
  • Reliable two-layer leather belts;
  • Workload per 1 manhole: 140kg;
  • Dimensions: length 493mm, width 155mm, height 181mm;
  • Solution: 170mm;
  • Total weight of the kit: 3,7kg;
  • Coating: painting;
  • Standard: TU U 25266590.003-2001.
  • Manufacturer: Ukraine Украина

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2 471,04 грн.

Pole climbers or claws - designed to safely climb reinforced concrete supports to perform maintenance work on power lines. Pole climbers  LM-3 model are used for lifting along reinforced concrete supports of the SV-105 and SV-95 type with a trapezoidal cross section (0.4 kV power line). They can also be used to climb communication towers, power lines and other types with a diameter of 140-250 mm. Pole climbers have a reliable, proven design, eliminating slipping from the support when lifting or performing high-altitude work.

Each hole consists of a metal footrest, leather belts, staples and spikes.

We also draw your attention to the fact that it is possible to purchase wearing elements of maintenance gates from us - spikes, fixing straps and traverses.