• PB safety belt with a braided cord sling;
  • Material: polyamide, polyester, steel with a protective coating;
  • Standard: EN 358-2001;
  • Static breaking load: Not less than 15 kN;
  • Sizes (waist circumference): S (640mm - 1000mm); M (850mm - 1300mm); L (1100mm - 1500mm);
  • Manufacturer: LTD LOAD-TECH, Ukraine Украина

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6PB beamless safety belt is used as a support device designed to protect workers from falling from a height during installation or repair work in accordance with the "Rules of labor protection during work at height" DNAP 0.00-1.15-07.

This model of a mounting belt is used when performing work where the risk of damage to the sling is excluded, as well as during work where the use of a sling of insulated material is required. Woven cord slings are more durable in comparison with rope and ribbon slings.

Safety belts PB are equipped with different types of slings, as well as carbines, which are used to attach devices to the belt.


Execution 1

 Эскиз 6ПБ

Safety belt beamless  PB with a braided cord sling and K20 carbine

Execution 2

 Эскиз 6ПБ

Safety belt beamless  PB with two slings from a wattled cord and K20 carbine

Execution 3

 Эскиз 6ПБ

Safety belt beamless  PB with a braided cord sling and K55 carbine

Execution 4

 Эскиз 6ПБ

Safety belt beamless  PB with two braided cord slings and K55 carbine