Protective rubber pad

Protective rubber pad

  • Protective strip for tape.
  • Material of manufacture: rubber.
  • Protects tape from cuts.
  • Easy to take off and put on.
  • Manufacturer: China Китай

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76,80 грн.

The rubber pad is used to protect the textile tape of the sling or belt from mechanical damage. The use of protective pads significantly reduces the risk of a sling cut. If there is a sharp edge at the place where the tape comes into contact with the load, the use of protective pads or covers is mandatory!

The protective pad is made of durable rubber that is resistant to cuts and mechanical damage. Two sizes of protective pads are available to order:

130x80 (for tape up to 50mm wide)

Накладка защитная 130х80

300x150 (for tape width from 60 to 100mm)

Накладка защитная 300х150