CROLL chest ascender

CROLL chest ascender

  • Chest clamp THORAX (croll);
  • Case Material: Aluminum;
  • Cam Material: Steel;
  • Tested according to: EN 567;
  • Maximum load: 4 kH;
  • Weight: 135g;
  • Diameter of the rope: 8-13 mm;
  • Overall dimensions: 70х105х25;
  • Manufacturer: Ukraine Украина

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The THORAX chest clip (croll) is used for rope climbing, one of the most popular clips used in industrial mountaineering, caving, mountain climbing and in rescue operations. As a rule, it is used when lifting in combination with a jumar clamp and a pedal. This method of lifting is most convenient for significant rises and the passage of complex reliefs. Simplicity of construction and low weight increase the safety in the use of a chest clamp. The eccentric type steel cam with inclined teeth allows you to freely move up the rope and securely lock in the opposite direction.


Steel cam with inclined teeth and a slot for removing dirt and water, so the croll holds securely on a wet or dirty rope;
Convenient design - allows you to fasten and fasten the rope with one hand;
Two points of fastening - for various use when working at height;
Aluminum case - low weight, high strength and durability;
Additional anti-corrosion coating;
Used with both static and dynamic ropes.