Safety harness 1PL-K (PLK1)

Safety harness 1PL-K (PLK1)

  • Combined safety harness with shoulder and leg straps;
  • Material: polyamide, polyester, steel with a protective coating;
  • Standard: EN 361-2001; EN 358-2001;
  • Static breaking load: not less than 15 kN;
  • Sizes (waist circumference): S (640mm - 1000mm); M (850mm - 1300mm); L (1100mm - 1500mm);
  • Manufacturer: LTD LOAD-TECH, Ukraine Украина

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Combined safety harness  PLC1 is designed to be used as a support tool to protect workers in the event of a fall from height during installation and repair work according to the "Rules of labor protection during work at height" DNAP 0.00-1.15-07.

When using a sling, a mounting belt can be used as a life-saving (safety) belt while working in tanks, reservoirs, trenches, wells, etc.

This model is used for safe work at heights.

PLC1 harness configuration:

The PLC1 belt consists of straps for legs, a back buckle, chest webbing, sash, belt, shoulder straps, buckles for adjusting the length of the straps, there are back and side belts designed to secure belts (carabiners, slings, shock absorbers) and half rings for auxiliary fastenings of the working tool.

Safety slings are not included.