Golem rope clamp (drop)

Golem rope clamp (drop)

  • Golem clamp (drop);
  • Material of manufacture: aluminum;
  • Tested according to: EN 567;
  • Accompanied by a quality certificate;
  • Breaking load: 2500 kg;
  • Weight: 95 g;
  • Diameter of the rope: 8-12 mm;
  • Manufacturer: Ukraine Украина

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643,19 грн.

Golem clamp is a bend-type self-insurance device.
Equipped with an efficient pinch mechanism for blocking movement for various conditions. For quick attachment to the rope, you need to push the cheeks apart. When closing the “cheeks” of the rope clamp with a carabiner, the Golem device completely covers the rope, eliminating the possibility of its snapping out. It easily walks up and down the auxiliary rope without restricting the user's movements. With a sharp fall of the fist with a spring, it blocks the rope and prevents it from sliding down the rope.


prevents rope damage;
made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, this guarantees its durability and reliability in operation.