Safety device PROTEKT WR 020

Safety device PROTEKT WR 020

  • Autoblock PROTEKT WR 020 with tape 2 m;
  • Case material: fiberglass reinforced plastic;
  • Device material: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel;
  • Carabiner device: steel / aluminum (opening 24 mm);
  • Band length: 2 m (polyester / Kevlar 17.5 mm);
  • Max. user weight: 140 kg (including equipment);
  • Weight: 850 g + weight of carbines;
  • Conforms to the standard: EN 360;
  • Producer: Poland Польша

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2 487,10 грн.

The PROTEKT WR 020 safety belay device is used for fall protection during high-altitude work in difficult conditions, outdoors, in confined spaces: hatches, tanks, wells. The mechanism works on the principle of a seat belt in a car, the device’s belt stretches smoothly during operation, and with the slightest change in belt retraction speed, the mechanism is immediately blocked (the braking distance does not exceed 0.5 m).

A textile shock absorber with a built-in carabiner reduces the shock force that occurs at the time of a possible fall to a safe mark of 6kN. Additionally, a stall indicator is installed on the carabiner.

The permissible period for using the device is not limited, provided that timely periodic inspections are carried out (1 time per year). Available tape length: 1.8 m; 2.0 m; 2.3 m.