Safety device PROTEKT WR 025

Safety device PROTEKT WR 025

  • The safety PROTEKT WR 025 device with a tape 2.35m;
  • Case material: fiberglass reinforced plastic;
  • Device material: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel;
  • Carabiner device: steel / aluminum (opening 24 mm);
  • Band length: 2.35 m (polyester / Kevlar 17.5 mm);
  • Max. user weight: 140 kg (including equipment);
  • Weight: 850g;
  • Standard: EN 360;
  • Producer: Poland Польша

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2 700,35 грн.

The PROTEKT WR 025 retractor is used for fall protection during high-altitude work in difficult conditions, outdoors, in confined spaces: hatches, tanks, wells. The mechanism works on the principle of a seat belt in a car, the device’s belt stretches smoothly during operation, and with the slightest change in belt retraction speed, the mechanism is immediately blocked (the braking distance does not exceed 0.5 m).

A textile shock absorber with a built-in carabiner reduces the shock force that occurs at the time of a possible fall to a safe mark of 6kN. Additionally, a stall indicator is installed on the carabiner.

The permissible period for using the device is not limited, provided that timely periodic inspections are carried out (1 time per year).