TROLL block

TROLL block

  • Block with rotary cheeks TROLL;
  • Material of manufacture: aluminum;
  • Tested according to: EN 12278;
  • Working load: 2x2kN = 4kN;
  • Breaking load: 2x10kN = 20kN;
  • Weight: 120g;
  • Diameter of the rope: up to 12 mm;
  • Manufacturer: Ukraine Украина

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234,61 грн.

The TROLL block is used in mountaineering, caving, rope amusement parks, industrial mountaineering and rescue operations. It is used for the organization of chain hoists and lifting loads.


Sliding cheeks make it easy to attach the unit to the cord anywhere;
Lightweight - aluminum roller and cheeks;
Self-lubricating roller;
Compact flat shape.