Horizontal clamp for cable drum

Horizontal clamp for cable drum

  • Clamp for horizontal rise of reels with a cable.
  • Payload: from 1.0t to 12.5t.
  • Simple and reliable design.
  • Material of manufacture: high strength steel.
  • It is accompanied by a quality certificate.
  • Warranty: 6 months.
  • Manufacturer: LTD LOAD-TECH, Ukraine Украина

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Under the order

Pair clamp is used for horizontal lifting and moving cable reels. The clamp has a simple and reliable design. Structurally consists of a top link, two branches and special load-gripping elements. The branches can be made of steel rope or a load-lifting chain of 8 strength class. The load capacity range of manufactured clamps is from 1.0t to 12.5t. All captures are mandatory tested at the stand, accompanied by a passport and a guarantee.

Clamp usage example:

Пример использования горизонтального захвата для барабанов

When ordering a clamp, the required payload is agreed with the client, a product drawing is provided indicating the main dimensions.

Чертеж захват горизонтальный для кабельных барабанов       Парный захват для барабанов с кабелем