Load Moving Roller

Load Moving Roller

  • Mobile rotary platform for moving goods;
  • Simple and reliable design;
  • Handles for easy movement;
  • Steel rollers with polyurethane coating;
  • Bearings of increased wear resistance;
  • Alloy steel swivel heel;
  • Warranty: 12 months;
  • Manufacturer: South Korea Южная Корея

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1 890,73 грн.

Load moving roller platforms ( are designed to move or turn in place, bulky heavy (up to 100 tons) of cargo. They simply can not do without, in cases where it is necessary to move equipment (metalworking machines, furnaces, boilers, presses, hammers, industrial refrigerators, production lines, etc.) in a room where it is impossible to use a crane of the required lifting capacity. Armed with just a jack and a roller system, any structure or equipment can be moved without fear of spoiling the floor and without superhuman efforts. Roller mobile platforms have a smooth ride and minimal rolling resistance.

Usually, several roller platforms are used to move the load, complete with or without the steering platform. To move the load it is necessary to lift it with a jack by 120 mm, and then place roller platforms under it. After setting the load on mobile skate platforms, it is ready to move.

Our company offers only high-quality products, tested in real working conditions. All roller platforms are tested before sale, accompanied by a warranty, passport and instruction manual.