Oil drum lifting clamp YQC

Oil drum lifting clamp YQC

  • Oil drum lifting clamp YQC.
  • Safety factor: 4: 1.
  • Material of manufacture: high strength steel.
  • Coating: painting.
  • Standard: EN 13155: 2014.
  • It is accompanied by a quality certificate.
  • Warranty: 12 months.
  • Manufacturer: South Korea Южная Корея

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1 470,57 грн.

The YQC oil drum lifting clamp is specifically designed to lift standard metal barrels strictly upright. Designed to move only one barrel. The clamps have a special design that provides compactness, simplicity and an extended service life. Working with L-shaped clamps for oil drums is convenient and easy. Their special shape provides the most reliable fastening of the barrel. The barrel is fixed as follows: the clamp of claws clings to the upper edge of the barrel and rests against the side. It can be used together with rope, textile or chain slings, to which it is attached with the help of a lifting shackle (not included!) for the eye. Everything you need to work with the oil drum lifting clamp can also be purchased on the website of our company.

The barrel clamp complies with the modern standard  EN 13155: 2014. All clamps are mandatory tested at the stand, accompanied by a passport and a guarantee.