Aluminum spreader bar

Aluminum spreader bar

  • Aluminum spreader bar for vehicles with a rigid body.
  • Material of manufacture: aluminum alloy.
  • Length Range: 2350mm-2720mm.
  • Maximum load: 200kg.
  • Rubber thrust bearings at the ends.
  • The product is accompanied by a quality certificate.
  • Manufacturer: Germany Германия

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The spreader bar is designed for additional cargo fixation during transportation; it is used to divide the body into sectors. In European countries and the United States, the spreader bar, along with coupling belts and air shells, is one of the most common means of securing cargo during transportation.

The spacer bar can be used in horizontal and vertical position. To prevent the rod from moving during transportation, it is equipped with rubber thrust bearings at the ends. The length range is from 2350mm to 2720mm, the length is fixed due to the reliable lock-clamp. Unlike a steel rod, aluminum has less weight.

Spreader rods are made in Germany. These are high-quality products with a long service life.