Safety harness PLC2-UN

Safety harness PLC2-UN

  • Combined safety harness with shoulder and leg straps;
  • Material: nylon, polyester, coated steel;
  • Standard: EN 361-2001; EN 358-2001
  • Static breaking load: not less than 15 kN.
  • Sizes (waist circumference): S (640mm - 1000mm); M (850mm - 1300mm); L (1100mm - 1500mm);
  • Manufacturer: LTD LOAD-TECH, Ukraine Украина

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Safety harness PLK2-UN is designed to be used as a support tool to protect workers in the event of a fall from a height during installation and repair work according to the "Rules for labor protection during work at heights" DNAP 0.00-1.15-07.

When using a sling, this belt can be used as a life-saving (safety) belt while working in tanks, reservoirs, trenches, wells, etc.

This model is used for safe work at heights.

The belts of this series use advanced fittings. The frames with buckles have a special shape, which provides a strong fixation of the buckle. They are sewn from a tape of Euro Standard 45 mm wide.

PLC2-UN harness pptions:

PLC2-UN belt system: shoulder straps, back attachment point (EN 361), back buckle, chest membrane, chest attachment point (EN 361), side attachment points on the waist belt (EN 358), adjusting buckles, tool loop, foot girth, waist belt, sash, ring for additional accessories, carabiner.

Safety slings are not included.