HALT descending device (anti-panic)

HALT descending device (anti-panic)

  • HALT descending device (anti-panic);
  • Material of manufacture: aluminum alloy / stainless steel;
  • Breaking load: 1500 kg;
  • Weight: 340 g;
  • Maximum working load of 150 kg;
  • Diameter of the rope: 10-12 mm;
  • Maximum height of continuous descent: 100 m;
  • Country of manufacture: Ukraine Украина

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1 228,92 грн.

HALT descending device (anti-panic) - descender for single rope. The device with anti-panic allows not only to control the speed of its descent, but also to be insured against breakdown due to the handle of the airborne squeezed in a fright. The roller principle of skipping the rope prevents the landing party from twisting the rope unnecessarily. This is especially true when you have the bottom end of the rope fixed.


Descending device with anti-panic;
Suitable for training industrial mountaineering;
Do not twist the rope;
Suitable for single rope only;
It guarantees a smooth descent with speed control by pressing the handle;
The possibility of disruption due to the strong pressing of the shutter release handle is excluded - the lock will work;
The spring clip allows you to tuck and release the rope without removing the carabiner.