Ropewalker Jumar Clip Right / Left

Ropewalker Jumar Clip Right / Left

  • Jumar clip Ropewalker right / left;
  • Material of manufacture: aluminum;
  • Tested according to: EN 567;
  • Breaking load: 4 kH;
  • Weight: 190g;
  • Diameter of the rope: 8-13 mm;
  • Manufacturer: Ukraine Украина

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922,49 грн.

Jumar Ropewalker - cam clamp. Provides comfort, efficiency and ease of use. The jumar clamp is used as an element of the upper fixing insurance, provided there are no dynamic jerks. Used for self-insurance and support on a vertically fixed rope (railing). Available in variants: orange case - under the right hand, blue case - under the left.


The rubberized handle of an ergonomic form promotes reliable grip;
Steel cam with inclined teeth and a slot for removing dirt and water, so the jumar holds securely on a wet or dirty rope;
Aluminum case - low weight, high strength and durability;
Additional points for fastening self-insurance, pedals, etc.
Corrosion-resistant coating.